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What is a Goon?

People ask me all the time, Whats a Goon? and I just tell em. I'm a goon. Being goon is a lifestyle. Once a goon, always a goon.
Goon can also be an adjective or a verb, but we try to avoid it because of some demeaning definitions on Urban Dictionary,
a site that no goon should endorse in any way.

The Original Goons (OG's)

This is where it all began. These six goons started a legacy. Goon hall of fame right here.

OG Muny

My names Mani. I'm a goon. I get money. I'm a goon. When it aint rainin its sunny. I'm a goon. Downloaded my mixtape? You a goon.

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OG Sumi

Work hard, goon harder.

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OG AP Mobile

Get out of my chair.

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OG Maggie

Its so lit

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OG Ash

Not today, greg.

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OG Gabby

Jumpman Jumpman Jumpman this goons up to somethin' oh.

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